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Our Process

Retirement is a significant achievement in life’s journey. Whether you are in retirement or nearing retirement, you have many decisions to make as you prepare for retirement. It can seem overwhelming.


Discover your path

When you work with Rexroad Retirement, we are here to guide you each step of the way and serve as your compass. We specialize in retirement income planning and provide investment portfolios specifically designed for retirement.

Retirement Phases

The journey of retirement is comprised of different phases. We focus on simplifying each phase. Which phase are you currently in?

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Potential Challenges

Retirement planning is accounting for the many challenges that affect the outcome of your retirement. We begin with a conversation that is designed to not just understand these challenges but to prepare for their potential impact.

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Retirement Formula

This formula represents our comprehensive approach to "Simplifying Your Retirement Journey." We believe that a successful retirement plan results from consistently following a process.

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Our Team

We are dedicated to following a disciplined approach to managing your retirement plan. Together, we will select the most appropriate strategies for turning your hard-earned wealth into regular, dependable income. 


Rex Rexroad

Financial Advisor

Rex is an independent financial advisor who specializes in comprehensive wealth management. He began his private practice in financial services in 1989. His passion is taking care of people and helping them achieve their goals.

Christian Hines

Executive Assistant

Christian is executive assistant to Rex Rexroad and is responsible for many client-facing services such as appointment scheduling, communications management, and office preparation.