Planning Formula Overview

We believe that everyone should have a comprehensive financial plan. The holistic development of each of these components is necessary to customize your personal financial plan. We provide a brief description of each component below. As always, if you have any questions, please contact us.


  • Goals

    Goals are the priorities that you want to achieve during your life.

  • Strategies

    Strategies are specific tactics that support your Goals and provide direction and design to your Portfolio.

  • Portfolio

    A customized Portfolio contains the necessary resources for your journey.

  • Monitor

    Continual monitoring of your Portfolio is necessary to keep it on track.

  • Review

    Regular and in-depth conversations help to ensure that your Plan is up to date and reflects your current Goals.






Your Goals represent your needs, wants, and wishes. We assist you in establishing and prioritizing your Goals according to what is important to YOU. We forecast the probability of your successfully attaining your goals and optimize your Plan to provide the most efficient outcome. We believe that a successful journey begins with identification of the Goals that you want to achieve.



A telescope aids in clearly seeing destinations that are at a distance from one’s current position. Because of this assistance, the captain of the ship can accurately head toward the desired destination. Like a telescope, we provide direction and clarity in identifying the significant goals that should be part of your well-defined Plan.



Once your Goals are developed, we recommend specific Strategies that are designed to support your Goals. Strategies provide answers to questions such as:

  • How much should I save for my future Goals?

  • How should I diversify my Portfolio?

  • How can I minimize the impact of taxes?

  • When should I begin claiming social security?

  • How do I make sure that my family will be secure if ...?

  • Should I pay off my mortgage before my retirement?

  • How would I pay for long-term care?



A map represents the route that a ship’s captain uses to navigate the ship. Along the journey, there are dangers to avoid and safe harbors to take shelter in. The map helps to provide direction to avoid dangerous situations that could misdirect you from reaching your goals. Like customizing a map, we select specific Strategies that are designed to provide direction when facing issues such as taxes, investment risks, risk management, and other potentially difficult decisions that will be faced during the retirement journey.



Your Portfolio contains the financial resources you will need along your journey. These include bank accounts, investments, annuities, IRAs, 401(k)s, life insurance, long-term care insurance, wills, trusts, pensions, and social security. Your Portfolio is designed to support your Strategies, which in turn, support your Goals. Your Portfolio should be chosen by thoughtfully working through your Strategies and determining which resources are necessary to reach your Goals.




A sailboat transports you securely along your journey, but not just any old boat will do. The captain starts by selecting the proper sailboat for the particular journey ahead. The proper sailboat depends on where you are going (Goals) and how you would like to get there (Strategies). Next, the necessary resources are acquired and placed in the boat for the journey ahead. The journey should only begin once everyone and every necessary resource is on board. Your Portfolio should contain all of the financial resources that are necessary for your successful voyage. Having a well-designed Portfolio is imperative to have a successful journey.



It has been said that an airplane on course to its destination is actually off course approximately 90% of the time. So, how does it arrive safely at its destination? By the pilot’s continual monitoring and realignment of the plane’s direction to the planned destination. Like an airplane pilot, we serve as your financial pilot providing the ongoing monitoring and realignment during your retirement journey.



A compass is used to review the ship’s path relative to its destination. Winds and currents can push you off of a well-designed course and thus could lead you to the wrong destination or running aground. We continually monitor your progress and realign your sailboat so that you are continuing to head toward your goals.



Reviewing your Plan on a regular basis provides you with confidence that you will successfully reach your retirement destination. Our Review process involves in-depth conversations that focus on ensuring that your initial goals continue to be your current goals. We adjust your Goals, Strategies, and Portfolio as necessary to ensure that all are correctly aligned with what is important to you.